Wearables. New 2018 Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2018 Year! 🙂
What was 2017 year for wearable technologies?
Here are some most important highlights:

Google Glass Enterprise Edition announced and early business access started https://www.x.company/glass/
VR devices, smart patches, smart headsets, smart shoes and other small smart devices come to play, and ApplePay and AndroidPay are now available in most of countries on different smartwatches (not only Apple and Google 🙂 ) https://www.wareable.com/wareable50/best-wearable-tech-2017

And yes, here are good summary articles from different sources to get more details:
Predictions for 2018
So, what should we wait in the new 2018 year?
Have a look at these predictions – and soon we’ll see:
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Stay in touch! More coming soon 😉

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